Updating LSI Firmware from Running Win10 VM

Updating the Firmware on the LSI 9201-16i

I found this very helpful when flashing my two new LSI 9201-16e HBAs in my servers.  After downloading the update package from here (9201-16e_Package_P20_IT_Firmware_BIOS_for_MSDOS_Windows), I shut down my Win10 VM, went into vCenter and made the LSI 9201 available for passthrough.  I added a new PCI device to the Win10 VM, accepted the memory reservation notice, and started the VM up.

The key piece that I had missed when attempting this several days ago was running the command prompt as Administrator.  Without this, I could not get sas2flash to even find the LSI adapter.

Then I gathered everything together from the update package:

  • \Firmware\HBA_9201_16e_IT\9201-16e.bin
  • \sasbios_rel\mptsas2.rom
  • \sas2flash_win_x64_rel\sas2flash.exe

To verify that sas2flash.exe could see the device, I ran:

And then to flash it:

And it worked! Then I ran the -listall command again to confirm the FW and BIOS versions were updated.

Hope this helps!